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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 21, 2011 11:00am-1:00pm EST

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>> you realized you started something here. >> i did not mean to turn youtube into a dating site. martha: i think any girl would be happy to go with him. he's adorable. bill: timberlake followed through on his two. martha: it was two for two. bill: we'll see you tomorrow. >> reporter: a cloud is hanging over the super committee and a compromise is nowhere in the forecast. i'm jen a le jenna lee. the super committee has until midnight to make a dole to slash our deficit. if they fail which seems a likely outcome at this point, a series of cuts to defense automatically kick in. certain tax cuts are set to
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expire at end of this year. here is a monday morning dose of reality, our skyrocketing national debt is moving higher as we speak, $15 trillion, and counting. and that is not all. take a look at the dow today i you can see that it's trending lower and has been most of the morning down more than 300 points right now. more on all this breaking news throughout the show today i jon: also a terror plot in new york city busted in just the nick of time. good morning to you, i'm jon scott in the knocks news rooms. jenna: hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. "happening now" the man is behind bars. he's an american citizen, a convert to islam and had plans to kill u.s. troops returning home from war. he was going to blow up nydp patrol cars and post officers. he is believed to be a lone wolf
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at this point and apparently confessed. he even started putting a bomb together. police say he may have been hours away from carrying out his deadly plan. jon: the bomb, a homemade one used a 99-cent store alarm clock for the timer. he wanted to attach nails to the bomb to make it more deadly. jenna: laura ingle is live with more. what have we learned about this man? >> reporter: investigators describe jose pimental as a u.s. citizen and al-qaida sympathizer with no formal ties to a terror group but had talked about traveling to yemen for training to become back to new york and become a mart tur in the name of jihad. he was charged with providing support for an act of terror. he hahis alleged anger and
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resentment toward u.s. citizens grew after anwar al-awlaki was killed in a drone attack in yemen. he was then to assemble three pipe bombs. he was very close to completing them. this is demonstrating the damage it could have done. >> he talks about bombing post offices in and around washington heights and police cars in new york city, as well as a police station in bayonne, new jersey. as in other cases pimental's behavior morphed from simply talking about such acts to action, namely bomb building. >> reporter: commissioner ray kelly also talked about changing his name to osama hussein. jenna: he is an american citizen, he does have a family here. we understand his mother is speaking out now. >> reporter: he was living with his family in new york.
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his mother along with other neighbors are expressing shock that he had such alleged devious plans. carmen sosa talked with reporters today with her son's terrorist activities. with tears in her eyes she called him a normal guy. she saw a change in him about a year ago and didn't like the way he was heading. >> i told him what about what you are doing? he said it's not your business. i'm old, i'm 34. and now he's 37. >> reporter: he has been held without bail and will be back in court november 25th. the latest as we get it in the newsroom, jenna. jenna: we have more on this now, jon. jon: to talk a little bit more about that new york city terror bomb plot i'm joined by bob strang, ceo of the investigative management group. this is the kind of thing that keeps authorities awake at night, one guy working in his apartment, building bombs, with an idea of causing trouble.
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>> that's right. this is the kind of guy that falls between the krafpblgts it's not part of an organization, a big terrorist group, a conspiracy, not something you can put your arms around. this is what we fear most. this is the biggest problem in the country these lone wolfs that come out of nowhere. janet napolitano talks about it all the time and here is a perfect example. jon: we've done a lot of reporting that anwar al-awlaki the late leader in the a rabe bow and peninsula louisiana. he was a master at using the internet, this online magazine "inspire" to inspire jihad. that's where this guy is alleged to have learned all this stuff. >> they go on the internet, look for speupbgs like "inspire." we know this comes directly from al-qaida out of the arabian peninsula and we know for a fact he got the ingredients for this bomb from an article entitled
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how to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom. jon: apparently that is exactly what he was doing. >> he did. this is the kind of thing more and more that we are seeing. i think wong of the things that is unusual here, jon is that you saw the state and local police make the case. it's unusual to see, this is the 14th case in new york city that's been stopped since 9/11. pretty good record, right? there are a thousand police officers from the new york city police department assigned here but we are starting to see this trend across the country. more and more police departments are locally getting involved with informants, making payments and making their own terrorism cases. it reminds me little bit of 25 years ago when drug cases started to become more prevalent and local federals had different types of criteria they used when they did different cases. as we change and go from the big 9/11-type bombs to the loan wolves, one thing we are seeing is the local governments responding in an appropriate way. they are taking state and local laws, using them and making
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things like this happen. jon: will local juries respond in an appropriate stpwhaeu the appropriately? there is an informant involved in this case. it seems every time this happens the guy gets a lawyer and says, my client is a low-level wanna-be and he won't have done any of this stuff if it hadn't been for the government setting him up. >> i always say it takes one to know one. how do you get these cases and build them? the only way to do it is with an informant, unless you have a wire tab, surveillance where you can see things, the only way is an informant. and the best cases are made that way. jon: talk about informants, we are about to pull all of our military forces out of iraq. does this po potentially lead to less intelligence in that part of the world about this kind of thing? >> that is the fear in our circles, in terms of security. as we take our troops out of the middle east in general, they've been doing such a good job, they've been kicking down doors,
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eliminating potential terrorists, as we've seen some on the television. clearly this has been a tremendous resource for us in terms of keeping us safe. as we remove our troops and our military intelligence there will be a void in the security system. not only do we have to worry about the lone wolfs, but we have to worry about major groups coming back and attack us as our military and government leaves these areas that are ripe with the foundation of these terrorist groups. jon: ominous thoughts there as we end it. bob strang with the investigative management group. thank you. >> thanks, jon. jenna: turning back to d.c. now. right now the super committee is coming up empty, at least according to the reports we're getting. lawmakers are up against the clock, though and a solution doesn't seem likely. the bi-partisan team are 12 are expected to admit defeat later today i chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. i say those words very carefully. we don't want to write the end of the story before it's over.
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there is talk about pulling the plug on this committee. what are you hearing there? >> that's right, jenna. it seems they are almost negotiating how they are going to admit that they failed, one party not wanting to pull the plug before the other, so they could be blamed for perhaps pulling out prematurely. so all indications are late today, after market hours, perhaps, we will get a joint paper statement essentially saying, it is over. we know cochair patti murray has gone to the white house for an unrelated bill signing. we understand she is not due to meet with the president to talk about perhaps trying to get these talks back on track, which would seem to suggest that both sides are ready to concede that it is in essence over. from the democratic view we talked to massachusetts john kerry a little earlier. take a listen. >> you guys know what fair & balanced is supposed to be. fair & balanced is not giving the wealthiest people in america a tax cut while you ask people on medicare and medicaid to ante
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up more. >> reporter: kerry's point today was essentially a deal broke down because republicans were not willing to allow the bush tax cuts, as they are known, for the highest brackets to expire. so he says for that one reason there is not a deal, jenna. jenna: that's what senator kerry says. republicans have argued that tax reform has to happen, at least they are open to it at this point. spending remains a big problem. tell us about that side. i have a final question about where they are today i let's start with the republicans. >> reporter: sure we had arizona senator jon kyl who called the failure of the super committee one of the biggest disappointments of his career in terms of the tax issue he emphasized the fact that we have a spending problem. spending has exploded in washington, and that needs to be addressed more than raising taxes during an economic downturn. here is arizona senator jon
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kyl. >> one reason we've been against so much raising tax necessary this process is because we do not want the economy to suffer. in fact the pro growth tax reform that republicans put on the table would have been a different way to approach the problem and would have laid the groundwork for the economy to recover and create jobs. >> reporter: in the end it sounds like both sides were kind of stuck in their respective corners, unwilling to bulge on certain key issues. some would suggest that this commit taoef six republicans and six democrats was in essence set up for failure and all indication are that is when we are heading later today, jenna. jenna: they are not huddled in a corner somewhere together hanging out trying to figure out what is happening until the end, right? there is no meeting happening right now for anyone, or is there? >> reporter: well, we've heard that there were perhaps some small group meetings throughout the course of the day, but at this point it sounds like it's not really serious discussions about how they can strike a last-minute deal. it sounded like basically they were discussing how they were going to end this in a civil way. and so perhaps discussion of
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what a joint statement would look like, jenna. jenna: interesting. all right, mike, thank you very much. mike emanuel watching things from capitol hill for us today i thanks, mike. >> reporter: thank you. jon: right now some brand-new numbers on the republican race to the white house showing newt gingrich and mitt romney in a statistical dead heat. our chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in washington with the latest. so, carl this slow, steady race that newt gingrich has been sort of bragging about seems to be paying off, at least for now. >> reporter: and surprise, surprise, jon the slow, steady race that's been underway for a year and a half is getting quick and chaotic since we're seven weeks away from the first votes. the votes are tightening in the early states and national leave. the latest gallop poll says it's a dead heat at the top. mitt romney is at 20% at gallop. newt gingrich has now surged to 19%. herman cain slipped a little bit
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to 16. ron paul is the only other candidate in double digits with 10. mitt romney is being challenged in the granite state. the ad wars will start in earnest after thanksgiving. romney today was taking aim at president obama, mostly accusing him more about his re-election than the super committee e. challenged the president to step in and try to do something to avoid the uts cuts o kulgts cuts of $600 million to the defense department. >> i call on the president to do something to prevent having a $6 billion cut from our funding. >> reporter: while mitt romney is knocking on president obama newt gingrich is knocking on mitt romney's door in new hampshire ramping up his
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campaign. today the former house weaker will be announcing his entitlement reform plan. the shorthand of it is that there would be an optional plan for younger workers to use private investment accounts in lieu of social security. he would repeal and replace obamacare. and he would give certain programs back to the states. he'll argue unleashing competition will dramatically increase options for seniors while lowering the ko*s of healthcare. jon: carl cameron in washington, thanks. jenna: we'll take you back to the president now where he's signing a special jobs bill that is trying to inch seve insentavize the hiring of veterans. we will listen in at the white house. [applause] >> good morning, everyone. please, rest, rest. i am thrilled to be here today alongside the vice president,
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and my favorite person here, jill biden -- oh, yeah -- [laughter] >> you too, honey. members of congress, representatives of veteran service organizations, and some of our veterans, as our nation reaffirms its commitment to the men and women who have served this country so bravely. over the past few years i've had the privilege of meeting with so many of our troops, set vans and military families, and every time i visit with them at a base, every time i sit with them at a hospital bed, every time i talk to their kids at a barbecue or a baseball game, i walk away inspired. their strength, resilience and commitment to this country is simply unmatched. they leave home for months at a
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time, go to some of the most dangerous places on earth, and risk it all for the country they love. that courage, that unwaivering dedication to a higher calling really sticks with me. it stays in my heart. and more importantly it moves me to act. and that's why jill and i started our joining forces campaign, because jill and i wanted to give something back. so, we have been traveling around the country from city to city talking with business executives, nonprofit leaders, school administrators, hrerpblgeclergy members, pretty much anyone who would listen, and we have been asking them to find new case to honor and support our veterans and their families. and the really wonderful thing that we found is that people are actually listening. americans are standing up to
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show their appreciation. businesses have already hired more than 18,000 veterans and military families and they've made commitments to hire at least 135,000 more. schools are working with nonprofits in tech companies to improve the experience of our military children. entertainment executives are making public service announcements. community groups are gathering donations and putting together thousands of care packages. and truly -- jo that is the first lady and the president, obviously, talking about a portion of the jobs bill that was proposed. this part of the jobs bill got bipartisan support. it gives tax credits to companies who hire veterans who are out of work. bi-partisanship is key here. we are sitting here on a day where there is not bipartisan support when it comes to cutting our massive debt. and employment is certainly a part of that as well, part of this story. senator joe mansion is a democrat from west virginia, he
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sits on the senate armed services committee. you can watch the rest of the president and first lady on you said this is something we agreed on, this bipartisan part of this bill. why can't we get bi-partisanship when it comes to debt reduction. >> you have to work with both sides to find something that we have commonality on. supporting our veterans, giving them a chance to come back into the mainstream and thanking foam for the job they've done i think is something we all agreed. i think it was overwhelming. jenna: why can't we compromise. >> we worked together in west virginia, we put our state first. this is a time not to be a democrat or republican, be an american and step forward. we have a tremendous debt crisis. 15trillion in debt. 17trillion next year. we'll be spending as much on serving our debt interest by 2021 and we do the department of defense. jenna: there doesn't seem to be any accountability for anyone, as far as not putting forward a
11:19 am
solution for the debt reduction. yes the super committee fit fails, which it looks like it is going to, there are automatic cuts that go into place, but as far as accountability for the people, you know, they still maintain their jobs and we are still with this big debt issue. >> the bow hr-rbs es-simpson report was the only thing that started out in the bipartisan fashion and has grown. we have about 140-plus members of congress both in the house and senate that said go large, go big, go 4 trillion or more. it has a great template. we should be voting upon that. i sent a letter to all the leaders urging them to that i can that bowles-simpson report, put it in a bill fashion and let's vote on it. that's what we need for the next generation. jenna: why do you think that would work when this compromise deal that looks like it was out there. there are no specifics by the way really by either side on what the super committee deal would actually be. why do you think now the bowles-simpson plan might be
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when it was voted down? >> well, it was voted -- we needed 14 votes to move forward. we had eleven. 6 democrats, five republicans. now we are up to 140 about evenly split. when you look at where we are today and everything and you start thinking, how can you fix this. first of all we recognize we have a problem of spending. we spend too much, and that's got to be reeled in. we all agree. these where the tea party comes from. you have the occupy movement and you're saying you left 99% of the people behind. i agree with that too. if that's the case then, and you're going to have tax reform and everyone pays their fair share stop the loopholes, the offsets and credits, you have to figure out how do we spend the new revenue. everybody tells me, i'll be happy to give more and pay more taxes. we are just afraid you're going to waste it and throw it away. tell them, every dollar that comes in must be spent on infrastructure or debt reduction that's all. jenna: do you think you're the guy that can reach across the aisle and get the republicans on board and the democrats on board? >> i have a good rapport with
11:21 am
both of them. i have 99 colleagues, i work with them and talk to them. mark kirk and i, a republican, meet every week. we talk about what we can do to bring people together. we try to get gatherings of people sitting down. there is no comraderie. jenna: why is that? >> let me tell you when you asked me the problem i've thought about this. when we are all out there trying to -- okay if this person gets credit for that it might make me look bad, it might hurt me in my election. they are worried about the next election. i don't want to be a part of a generation that turns over the keys to the next and left the state in worst shape than i received it. jenna: why aren't we seeing members meeting today? why isn't the super committee meeting right now, down to the wire? >> the bottom line is if you have people -- they are so far apart then -p -- i've got to get people with nor commonalty. jenna: you're saying different people on the super committee. >> the 12 are good people but if they failed to do the job
11:22 am
they've been asked to do, then we've got 140 members ready to step up. if you've got 140 people, we've put in our name, we signed it, we stood behind them, we urged them. we said bow hrerbgs s-simpson has a good plan. we can continue to kay go big, go big, go big, let's go. jenna: let's see if the super committee doesn't go big. >> we need to do it quickly. >> happy thanksgiving to you. niceo have you on set with us. jon. jon: i'm going to take you -- taking you back to the white house now where president obama is announcing this plan that would offer job tax cutting, i should say tax credits to companies who offer jobs to veterans, let's listen in. >> these men and women are the best that america has to offer. they are some of the most highly trained, highly educated, highly skilled workers that we have. if they can save lives on the
11:23 am
battlefield, then they can save a life in an ambulance. they can manage convoys moving tons of equipment over dangerous terrain. they can manage a company supply chain. they can track millions of dollars of assets in iraq, they can balance the books of any company here in the united states. our country has benefitted enormously from our veterans services overseas, and we will benefit just the same from their service here at home. and that's why under my direction the federal government has already hired more than 120,000 veterans, thanks to the work that jill and michelle mentioned, some of our most patriotic businesses have pledged to hire 135,000 more veterans and military spouses, and today we are giving those businesses just one more reason to give veterans a job. back in september i sent congress a jobs bill, and in it i proposed a tax credit for any
11:24 am
business who hires a veteran who has been unemployed for at least four weeks. i proposed an even tax break if a business hires a veteran who has been unemployed for at least six months. and if business hires an unemployed veteran with a disability related to their service i proposed doubling the tax break that we already have in place. today, because democrats and republicans came together, i'm proud to sign those proposals into law. and i urge every business owner out there who is hiring to hire a vet right away. over the past decade nearly 3 million service members have transitioned back to civilian life, joining millions who have served through the decades. and as we end the war in iraq, and we wind down the war in afghanistan, over a million more will join them over the next five years. this bill is an important step towards helping those veterans transition into the workforce. and beyond the tax breaks that i
11:25 am
mentioned it also contains a number of other reforms, from education and training to career counseling, to job search assistance. we're still going to need to do more, and that's why i've also announced a series of executive actions to help our veterans back to work. we've set up a veteran gold card, this is a card that post 9/11 veterans can download today and it gives you access to a sweep of career services including six months of personalized counseling at roughly 3,000 one-stop career centers located across the country. we've launched a tool, my next move, it matches the skills they've acquired during their service and matches that information with civilian careers that will best put that experience to use. we also have veteran's job banks, leading search engines
11:26 am
that connect unemployed veterans to job option. all of these initiatives are up and running right now. and you can find them at white that's white to our veterans, know that we will stand with you as long as it takes for you to find a job. to our businesses, health me say again, if you are hiring, hire a veteran. hire a veteran today, they will make you proud, just as they've made this nation proud. i'm pleased that both parties came together to make this happen. once again i want to thank all members of congress who were involved. it is important to note that in addition to our veterans there are millions of other americans who are still looking for work right now. they deserve the same kind of bold, bi-partisan objection that we've seen here today bi-partisan objection that we've seen here today i i say to
11:27 am
congress, keep going, keep working, find ways to put partisanship aside and put more americans back to work. i'm going to new hampshire tomorrow to talk about a tax cut for nearly every worker and small business owner in america. democrats and republicans have traditionally supported these kind of tax cuts. independent dent economists have said this proposal is one of the best way to boost our economy and spur hiring. it will be easier for us to hire our vets if the overall economy is going strong. there is no reason not to vote for these tax cuts. if congress doesn't act by the end of the year then the typical family's taxes is going to go up by roughly a thousand dollars. that's the last thing our middle class and our economy needs right now. it is the last thing that our veterans need right now. so let's keep at it. no politics, no delays, no excuses, let's keep doing everything we can to get america back to work, and on that note,
11:28 am
it is my great pleasure to do my job and sign this bill into law. thank you. [applause] jon: the president shaking hands with some of the assembled who have helped push this bill through congress, the bill that he is about to sign will offer tax credits to companies who hire veterans. the president trying to make this a big push. he has enlisted the aid of his wife, who you see there in the red dress. and now the bill is about to become law with the signature of the president of the united
11:29 am
states. if you haven't seen these things before the president uses a number of pens to sign his name. the pens will then be given to supporters of the bill or institutions like the smithsonian, that type of thing, that's why it's done in this semiodd fashion. you you might have herd the president say, if employers are ready to hire, they should hire veterans. that is the big if in this economy right now. a lot of people are not hiring. we'll be back with more "happening now" in just a moment. a vacation on a budget with expedia. make it work. booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine.
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and guide to understanding medicare, to help you choose the plan that's right for you. as with all medicare supplement plans, you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare, get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. jenna: welcome back, everyone. in just a few hours the president will sign the kate puzzi peace corps volunteer protection act into law. it's designed to protect whistleblowers and improve the treatment of victims of violence and sexual assault in the peace corps. it's actually named for this young woman. her name is kate, she was a peace corps volunteer and had been in africa in 2009 when she was murdered. allegedly, by a man she reported was sexually abusing young girls in the village. her family has fugue -- fought tirelessly for the passage of this bill, and we're so happy to
11:34 am
have them with us today to support this signing. kate's mother lois and her brother david is also with us. lois, it's so nice of you to be here today. >> well, thank you for having us. jenna: i'm so sorry for your loss -- >> thank you. jenna: and i recognize you wouldn't be here if this didn't happen to kate. >> yes, it's really, really bittersweet for us today. jenna: tell us a little bit about your daughter. >> every mother thinks their child is special, but she loved life, she loved people, and she really wanted to make a difference in the world. she was smart, articulate, she was student council president and just was, you know, just bright, had so much to give, and she wanted to really, you know, help others in the world. jenna: so this horrendous event, david, happened in the peace corps, and we're showing some i don't of your family pictures. when a crime happens overseas, there's so many questions. but in asking some of these questions, you discovered a
11:35 am
systemic problem in the peace corps. tell us a little bit about that and your experience. >> well, initially, we were just looking for answers on what had happened to kate, and we eventually found out there had been a break of her confidentiality in the country office, and in the months and, you know, the years that followed we started talking to other volunteers, and we heard similar stories of volunteers feeling like the confidentiality wasn't being honored, that there was often people who were just, felt like they didn't have support, they felt like they were in a situation. so we've always strongly supported the peace corps, we think it's one of america's best ideas, but it became evident that it needed to have reform in order to bring into it the 21 socialst century. jenna: and we were able to speak with a rape victim and she shared her experience with us.
11:36 am
lois, what is in this legislation that will be passed today that will make sure what happened to your daughter never happens again? >> well, there is the whistleblower protections that the peace corps had not any protections before that time. also there is a very strict confidentiality clause, and this will help not only people like kate that want to report a crime, but also rape survivors so they can control their information. um, and for us -- jenna: is there accountability though? if someone does not honor this, will the officials in the peace corps suffer consequences? >> absolutely. absolutely. that's part of the bill too. and the other part that we think would have made a difference in kate's situation is that if volunteer feels like they are not safe in their site, in their village, that they will be removed until they do feel they are safe. jenna: it's such an interesting time in our country right now, there seems to be so many polarizing topics. i'm just wondering, what will you say to the president today?
11:37 am
>> well, one of the things we want to thank him for is the fact -- and everyone for -- is the fact that it's been such a wonderful bipartisan effort. for us, the government has worked in these times. the bill went through in five months which is amazing. it passed man positively -- unanimously in the senate and in the house, and we have just felt support from all directions. i particularly, one of the reasons we wanted to come forward and to come on your show was to thank all of those people that have been touched by kate's story and have sent us letters or supported the legislation that they never knew our family, and they didn't know kate. and that just, it means so much to us. jenna: we're so pleased to hear that. and our viewers, once we did this story the first time, really had quite a reaction, a lot of strong feelings about this. we honor kate to today, we thank you for coming on set with us. we do understand the man who allegedly murdered her is behind bars and hasn't been to trial yet, so we'll continue to follow
11:38 am
the story, and we appreciate you both being with us today. >> thank you. jenna: thank you very much. >> it's a good thanksgiving week for us. jenna: thank you. we appreciate that, lois. thank you very much. jon? jon: a very strong family there, jenna. some shocking new details to bring you in the stabbing death of a major league baseball player. who police now suspect may be involved in greg hallman's murder. looking good! you lost some weight. you noticed! these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios... five whole grains, 110 calories.
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jenna: a fox ns alert from washington to wall street now, stocks are getting slammed today. the dow down more than 300 points over renewed fear about europe's debt crisis, but we're not too far behind, are we? the apparent failure of the supercommittee is certainly playing into stocks today. doug holtz aiken joins us now. and, doug, i throw up my hands a little bit in where we are right now. take a look at the market, take a look at when's happened with
11:42 am
the supercommittee. what is your gut telling you about where this country is headed with our debt crisis? >> we know we have an enormous problem. every projection shows that we go from a level that's far too high, almost 100%, to numbers that are two and three multiples of that, and that is unacceptable and unsustainable. markets are aware of this, they're looking for signs of progress, and be they've got a tiny little bit of good news because the appropriations process appears to be one where they're not on a spending spree anymore. but in terms of really making progress in the other direction, the supercommittee's falling apart, and they're starting to worry about america's ability to fix it. jenna: let me ask you about this plan, in the role as a former cbo director, when someone gave you a plan, when you would score it which is supposed to happen tonight, they need to get a plan to the cbo tonight so they can get it scored by wednesday which is when the deadline is, it's a
11:43 am
guessing game, isn't it? >> you're always trying to do your best to guess and be just as likely too high as too low. i think the cbo's always been quite honest about the fact that there's quite a lot of uncertainty. it's not that they get it right or not, it's that we move in the right direction. and the absence of any indication that we're going to move in the right direction in two ways. number one, on the numbers. the fear is that the supercommittee gets zero, would then go to plan b which is across-the-board cuts and the congress decides we're not going to do that either, and the second is the kind of cuts we make. if you cut the annual appropriations, that's not where the problem is. our problem is in the big entitlements. only the supercommittee can deal with that. jenna: what do you think's not breaking through? >> evidently, people are willing to roll the dice and say, you know, we cannot fix this until after the election, and it'll be fine. i, at least, am nervous about that. jenna: why? >> the united states has all the indications of these countries that get in trouble. we have high debt to gdp, slow
11:44 am
growth -- jenna: and are you talking about places like -- >> i'm talking about greece and portugal and italy and spain. jenna: so this idea that we could be like europe when we look at our debt and austerity measures, that's a reality in your mind? >> that is a reality in my mind. there's no reason for us to believe we're immune from the laws of arithmetic or economics. we're really the best looking horse in the glue factory. that doesn't mean we're in good shape. jenna: the best looking horse in a glue factory, doug -- >> i'm mr. sunshine, what can i tell you? [laughter] jenna: that's really hitting home there. when we go back to this idea of a breakthrough, and we're going to cut it here, add this here, it is tough to follow. there seems to be a certain lack of understanding of the consequence of not doing this. what is the consequence? what is the worst case scenario if we do not get this debt under control? >> the status quo is dangerous for america because it means our social safe net programs, social securities, medicares, medicaids
11:45 am
won't survive to the next generation, they'll run up enormous amounts of red ink, and ultimately that leads to economic distress. we get a recession like we just went through and emerge from it impoverished and with a big debt load. that's not acceptable. jenna: are we at the point of no return? >> we're at the point where we have to make a turn. that's what we're looking for. jenna: doug, horses respect safe around you, obviously. i've got to tell you. thank you very much. doug holtz-eakin, always nice to have you. we'll continue to follow this, jon, certainly a lot more to come when it comes to figuring out how to deal with our debt. jon: let's hope somebody in washington can figure that out, jenna. there are some new details as well about a major league baseball player who was stabbed to death in the netherlands. now police have arrested greg halman's 22-year-old brother. lauren is a reporter with grn and joins us by phone. from amsterdam. lauren, police have arrested the brother? >> reporter: yes. jason halman, he's 22.
11:46 am
there still really aren't that many details, but what they say is they were called early this morning to a home, that the media is reporting was halman's. they found the baseballer bleeding severely. they tried to resuscitate him, and it didn't work, and now his brother's being held for questioning. jon: what was the battle about? what did they argue about? >> well, again, very few details. the police are saying it's going to take a while before they actually know what happened. there have been some reports in the dutch media that police were also called nearby, something about loud music disturbance. but again, they're not releasing any details, holding him for questioning, and we're waiting to hear what's going to happen next. jon: all right. so the -- and are there, are they talking about any other suspects? i mean, it doesn't seem that this is likely to go anywhere beyond the brother. >> not at the moment. at the moment the brother is definitely the key suspect, and they aren't saying more than that.
11:47 am
jon: lauren from grn, thank you. we'll stay on top of that story. >> reporter: thank you. jon: also a murder suspect on the run, but this guy didn't escape from jail, didn't wiggle his way out, he was simply released. and now cops are admitting they made a big mistake. >> being that this individual was charged with taking another person's life, i would consider this a dangerous individual. if someone was to see him on the street, you know, we ask do not approach, just contact authorities immediately.
11:48 am
11:49 am
11:50 am
jon: in maryland police are calling it a clerical error, but it is a huge oops. a murder suspect released by accident, he's now on the run. patti ann brown has that story.
11:51 am
>> reporter: well, that's right, jon. back in march three men got into a fight at a club in the washington, d.c. area. one of the men was shot and killed. police charged frederick scott with murder, a warrant was issued for scott's arrest, and two months later he was arrested in this las vegas and extradited back to maryland. he was supposed to be held without bail in a prince georges county jail, but in an apparent clerical error, he was, instead, given the option of a $75,000 bond. earlier this month he posted that property bond and was set free from the jail. police discovered the error on friday and started a manhunt, but scott has been in the wind for 11 days now, and police are warning people that he is dangerous. frederick scott is 24 years old, black, 5-7, weighs 155 pounds. anyone with information is canned to call police at 301-772-4925 or crime solvers, and you can also submit a tip online at the prince georges county government site.
11:52 am
jon? jon: patti ann brown, that's not good. >> reporter: big clerical error. jon: yeah, thanks. jenna: and we have this fox news alert. we don't want to forget what's happening with our markets today, the dow trading lower by 300 points. there's a few things factoring in, there is some disappointment over the debt deal not being done thus far by the supercommittee. some traders will tell you they didn't expect success, but not expecting success and not getting any sometimes is, well, a difference that's tough to resolve. so you see the markets trading lower. they're trading lower overseas as well. and something else i want to point out to you because sometimes when the market's lower, you see money coming out of the stock market going to places like cash, you see things like gold trading higher, and today everything's done b. you have -- down. you have gold down by $36, oil is trading lower, the dow, the nasdaq and the s&p 500 down by more than 2%. just some perspective when you see a down day of more than 1%, that's a significant day. so we start off this week down
11:53 am
more than 2% on the broader markets. we'll keep you up-to-date. in the meantime, jon, we have another news alert. jon: that's right, jenna. this one, again, out of new york city. we've been telling you about the case of jose pimental, the man arrested over the weekend in new york charged with plotting to build a bomb in his kitchen. he supposedly wanted to use it to attack u.s. army troops, new york city police offices and otw enforcement agencies. well, according to the fbi or law enforcement sources, new york police approached the fbi about getting involved in the arrest and prosecution of this guy. and according to these unnamed sources, the fbi declined feeling that he did not have the predisposition or the ability to carry out the plot. so again, a bit of a division between law enforcement agencies or so it would seem. we will continue to stay on top of that story. we'll have more in just a bit. in the meantime, feeding the
11:54 am
hungry through the power of music. one group finds an inspiring way to help families battered by these tough economic times just in time for thanksgiving. mike tobin has details on that from chicago. mike? >> reporter: well, jon, you hear a lot about hunger throughout the world, and when you think about it, you think about celebrities trumpeting a cause in africa, or something to that extempt. one thing a lot of people don't know, there's hunger right here in the midwest and people trying to solve the problem. in the heyday of the steel and auto industry, youngstown and warren, ohio, were prime destinations in america's rust belt. jobs were abundant. the prosperity seemed like it would never end, but it did. marked by the day in 1977 known as black monday, an exodus of jobs and people cut the population nearly in half. about 50% of those remaining live in poverty. >> it's terrible. every place you go they're all,
11:55 am
all positions are filled, you can't find any jobs to save my life. >> reporter: the valley went from booming to hungry. it now has one of the most significant hunger problems in the nation. >> we just have such a tremendous need in the valley for the people that have lost their jobs with the industrial base that has faded, and they're hungry. >> reporter: food pantries and kitchens were stressed as the number of hungry people increased by 200% in the last decade. >> we just have to address that issue and make sure the people get the food that they need. >> reporter: they addressed it with music. ♪ >> reporter: a community group called trumball 100 came up with food stop. every band played for free, and the people played with cans of food. boy scouts boxed up two tons of food to be spread through the valley by an organization called second harvest.
11:56 am
>> this helps bridge the gap so that we get to those jobs that will bring these people out of poverty and out of hunger. and it'll happen. >> reporter: now, there are bright spots on the horizon for the youngstown/warren areas. there's a new chevy plant operating at full production, the shale oil industry is evolving. but until the time that everyone out there has a full table at thanksgiving, there's a community that cares and people who are willing to get creative to make sure they feed their own. jon? jon: nice to see neighbors helping neighbors. mike tobin, thanks. jenna: jon, we're getting word of what could potentially be one final bipartisan supercommittee meeting. we'll have more on that in just a moment. bret baier's going to join us here on set. in the meantime, the head of the ncaa is now weighing in on the scandal at penn state, plus, the university making an announcement about its own investigation today. details next on that.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> this commiee has the opportunity to show the american people we can still come together, put politics aside, and solve a problem that is plaguing our country. >> i do not believe this committee alone will solve our nation's debt crisis, but a bipartisan negotiated reduction in the growth of our nation's debt would be a wonderful, needed, hopeful step in the right direction. jenna: two cochairs of the super committee sounding upbeat at the beginning. ten weeks later, jon, though, time is running out a little bit. we are glad you are with us, everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: what happened to the upbeat part of that. i'm jon scott. the deadline is wednesday but the two sides need to present a plan today in order to meet the deadline. jenna: it's all about today going into midnight. this goes back to a previous deal to raise the debt ceiling. these when congress created the super committee to break the political logjam.
12:01 pm
now we are hearing of a final meeting between key players. what exactly can they achieve right now. bret baier is the anchor of special report and he's joining us on set. thank you for letting me borrow your chair. >> reporter: you're welcome. jenna: how do you make sense of what is happening now? >> reporter: it does not look like it's promising. everything is showing that it will be an announcement of failure. the super committee was formed as you mentioned when the debt ceiling increase request came in. they were going to raise the debt ceiling and find this money in the super committee to equal that amount. the 1.2 trillion was over ten years. now our deficit this past year, 1.3 trillion. we are already approach the next debt ceiling increase. by january 15th the treasury department will likely put out a letter that case we are $100 billion away from the next debt ceiling, and we will need another tranche of money, and
12:02 pm
there is a system in place in which congress can disapprove the president getting that money and the chances that that will happen are very slim. jenna: where do we go from here? >> reporter: there has to be a major coming together of dealing with this problem, both sides. it seems like, you know, you talk to republicans, they say they are going up against democrats who won't bulge, democrats say that republicans won't bulge on taxes. the bottom line is neither party looks good. congress is at an approval rating in some polls of 9%, looks like they are trying for zero percent. the president is running against a do nothing congress, and he's probably going to do so effectively. jenna: let's look ahead to 2012 not just because of the debt ceiling rise that will be scheduled, or they will need to decide on, but also we're in a presidential election year i. was taking a look at a few new polls, this one talking to registered republican voters who they would pick for president today i you see these names on
12:03 pm
your screen, newt gingrich at the top there. take a look at the same poll when it was asked right after the super committee was announced, and you see mitt romney still at the top, you see newt gingrich all the way at the end. that is an interesting move. does it have anything to do with the super committee and this conversation about debt? >> reporter: that's interesting, because newt gingrich has from the very beginning of this process been talking about the super committee in very negative terms saying it's just the wrong way to go about it. in fact i asked him about it at one of the debates, and he -- the campaign has now turned that statement around into a new web ad today i i think we have a clip from it. >> i think this super committee is about as dumb an idea as washington has come up with in my lifetime. >> reporter: it continues on, and it continues to play and it goes on for a longtime, and he's capita liesin capitalizing on that and making bold
12:04 pm
statements. whether that translates into convincing people that he's the right person to be the gop nominee is yet to be seen. jenna: i was thinking back to the midterm elections. the key word from the key term elections was principle. the tea party coming out they had a strong request for conservatives to be more conservative. and i wonder if the key term for 2012 is going to be compromise. do you think compromise is going to come back and be in vogue? >> reporter: i don't know. you know, the compromise back in forth, there was a lot of push back about whether compromise was a good thing or not. the tea party said, you know, you've got to hold your ground. i think something has to happen with both parties to be able to get to the overall issue, which is that the country has to deal with this. jenna: it's interesting, why can't we get to that tipping point? do we node a speech? do we node a moment, do we need to be scared more? what is it going to take. >> reporter: a partial solution in the debt commission and the
12:05 pm
erskin-bowls commission. i know you had senator mansion on here talking about this earlier. he's advocating a vote on that up or down. if he gets it it will be interesting to see. jenna: special report tonight. we could potentially have an announcement about what happened to the super commit taoefrpblgts by the way, texas governor rick perry is on the center seat tonight. jenna: i like that center seething. are you ever going to let one of us be in the center seat. >> reporter: sure, come on by. jenna: i saw something in makeup, take a look what is on the wall in our makeup room, the best holiday card ever. that is a good-looking family. >> reporter: that is my thanksgiving card. we are very blessed. a happy 2011, we send out thanksgiving cards. jenna: we all want one of those blazers. it's nice to see you face-to-face, always good. jon: put those kids in the center chair, that's what i
12:06 pm
think. the nation's top law enforcement officer, attorney general eric holder under fire for the fast and furious program that put guns in the hands of dangerous criminals. last week he told lawmakers he cannot fully answer their questions until the inspector general's investigation is complete. some, though are wondering now whether that is a stall stack particular. william la jeunesse has more on that live from los angeles. >> reporter: there is no trust or love lost between house republicans and the department of justice, which refuses to hand over pertinent documents in the investigation. republicans, 52 now want the attorney general to resign and they don't trust his inspector general to fully answer who is responsible. >> i asked the department's inspector general,. >> inspector general. >> reporter: 13 times in november, eight times in may attorney general eric holder told congress the inspector general would answer all the questions he continue. >> i asked the department of
12:07 pm
justice inspector general to investigate operation fast and furious. >> color me suspicious and skeptical. >> reporter: they believe holder is using the ig as a cover. >> to stonewall us and deny us access to people who have firsthand knowledge under the ruse that there is an ig investigation going on is coincidental at best. >> reporter: ig reports can be skating and thorough or a white wash says jay dobbins. >> the oig investigation and the conclusions were nothing but a paper tiger. >> reporter: an ig investigation exonerated dobbins of burning down his own house with his family inside and concluded his boss, bill newell intentionally obstructed justice. instead of discipline he got a promotion. >> the atf completely disregarded the conclusions and findings of the oig, did nothing, held nobody accountable. >> i am confident the attorney
12:08 pm
general will take decisive action. >> reporter: democrats believe the report will be fair and impartial. >> they are thorough, they leave no stone unturned. they are hard hitting. >> reporter: ig reports often tend to be more about rules and regulations than about pointing fingers on who is to blame, jon, but both sides admit this is likely to be more complete because so much is riding on it. the question is, will house republicans be that patient for several more months. jon: at least that inspector general seems to have some job security for quite a longtime. william la jeunesse, thanks. jenna: millions of americans about to hit the road for thanksgiving, and according to aaa travel is expected to jump 4% this year. did you know that is the biggest increase since the start of the recession, so we're getting back on the road a little bit. what is the forecast for the start of the holiday travel season? that is the biggest question, though, can we actually make it to grandma's house, janice
12:09 pm
dean? >> reporter: are you traveling jenna lee? jenna: i'm staying local. i was thinking of maybe coming over to your place. >> reporter: come on over. across the eastern seaboard thursday morning might be the good day we have a storm system that is going to affect much of the eastern seaboard on the busiest travel day wednesday. here is where we're dealing with the potential of severe weather across portions of northern texas, through arkansas and kentucky. we could see isolated tornadoes as well today, including dallas and oklahoma city, up towards memphis. tomorrow a little bit more of a severe weather threat and it expands across the ohio river valley. from the central gulf all the way up towards tennessee and kentucky and then spreading into ohio, large hail, damaging winds and certainly the threat for isolated tornadoes. let's take a look at your future radar heading into tuesday and wednesday. the storm gets its act together and moves again across portions
12:10 pm
of the mid-atlantic up towards portions of the mideast. this is a big travel day. millions of people could be affected like this. i want to show you our little moving turkey here. how cute is that. across the own seaboard is where we'll see the worst weather. we'll see the potential for interesting weather across the northwest for wednesday. but i really think the bullseye for bad weather is going to be the eastern seaboard. for thanksgiving day things clear up and look very nice for all of the big city, except for los angeles you'll be dealing with a storm system moving your way. just a quick look at this travel, this travel mess that could unfold on tuesday, as the strong storms move eastward, and then into tuesday night, and wednesday we're expecting delays across the northeast, the mid-atlantic and the southeast. jenna lease, we'll be here, bringing you the very latest, of course in the air and on the roadways. back to you. jenna: everywhere. everywhere. when those east coast airports
12:11 pm
are affected it certainly affects all the country as well. >> reporter: and you're welcome to come to our place for thanksgiving. jenna: i appreciate it. stuffing is my favorite. j.d. thank you very much. we'll stay on the weather. jon. that with us a pretty good offer from janice dean, right? jon: i'm feeling a little left out here. jenna: there might be space. jon: i'll bring the turkey, j.d. there are dozens of deaths reported in cairo, as thousands of people there take to the streets. they are demanding that the military return power to a civilian government. jenna: plus new fallout and growing outrage over the use of pepper spray at a reportedly peaceful protest out in california, jon. jon: that video raising all kinds of controversy. and now penn state, it names a high profile figure to conduct an investigation of the child sex-abuse scandal that led to the arrest of jerry sandusky. >> we are committed to leaving no stone unturned to get to the
12:12 pm
bottom of what happened. who knew what, when, and what changes must be made to insure this doesn't happen again. ? total access - to everything. from idea to research to trade. including financials, indicators and real-time streaming quotes. whether you check your investments every day or every minute, our app can take them from thought to trade. at scottrade, seven-dollar trades are just the start. try our powerful mobile app. it's another reason more investors are saying... i'm with scottrade.
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jenna: this just into us at fox. bill gates arriving at court to take the stand in salt lake city, utah. he's the first witness defending microsoft in a billion dollar antitrust lawsuit. novel accuses microsoft of deceiving it prior to the roll out of windows 95. microsoft calls it groundless. one of the most prolific companies in america. we are watching it closely. jon: penn state university is tapping the former director of the f.b.i. to investigate that sexual abuse scandal that's been in the headlines for the last couple of weeks. it led to the arrest of former football coach jerry sandusky. now the school is facing another
12:16 pm
investigation. the ncaa president sending a letter to the school demanding answers, saying i'm writing to notify you that the n2ca will examine penn state's exercise of control over its intercollege at program as well as the actions and inactions of responsible personnel. joining us on the phone the man who wrote that letter. the ncaa's president, mark emmert. you are calling this an inquiry, not an investigation, what is the difference. >> right now we are trying to determine whether or not a formal investigation needs to be launched. the role of the nca is to look into the raoufls athletics. we have bayh law bylaws and constitutional provisions that govern con srubgtin conducting the programs a certain way.
12:17 pm
jon: i asked our brain room to look into how many investigations are underway. they came up with four. the pennsylvania attorney general and the state police are conducting one. the penn state board of trustees is conducting another. the u.s. department of investigation is conducting a third. then there is yours. how do you avoid stepping all over each other as you try to look for answers as to what went on here? >> first and foremost everyone has to be very, very respectful of the criminal investigations. they take precedent over everything that we are involved with. we are not criminal investigators. we will rely heavily upon the information that gets developed from them, and doubtlessly from some of the other investigations. i talked with the new penn state president. he's very interested in being as cooperative as possible. from our point view of i don't know that we'll be doing much on the ground investigating or just
12:18 pm
looking at the information from others and how we can apply the rules and regulations. jon: have you ever had a situation like this. sent a letter like this? >> no it's the first time that i'm wear of in ncaa history. this is obviously an extraordinary circumstance. we don't have rules that have been written around the anticipation of this kind of behavior. so we are approaching it from a somewhat novel perspective. clearly the ncaa has a voice in the outcome of all of this. jon: well you say it's unprecedented, but it may be bringing on some follow on charges, if not actual cases. there are reports at the citadel that a counselor was showing porn videos to some camp goers. reports out of syracuse that a guy has made charges against an assistant basketball coach there. are you afraid that this kind of behavior is going to snowball,
12:19 pm
or are these just, you know, copy-cat types of cases. >> we hope they are all isolated. there is no evidence other than what you have described that this is epidemic. obviously one case is one far too many, and we are going to handle each of them as is appropriate, treat them all as individual cases and be assertive in the way we enforce our rules and regulations. jon: some schools in the ncaa have taken steps to try to u know, prevent this kind of thing, or to try to bring it to light if it has happened. can you mention some of those schools, or what has been done at other places? >> i think this past week virtually every university president in america woke up and said, what do we have to do to make sure that we have policies and practices in place that wouldn't allow this to occur? there is both the immediate crime itself and then there is also the way in which it gets
12:20 pm
handled. if the allegations hold, then they suggest that the way this was handled was grossly inappropriate, not just the crimes themselves. every president that i know is right now working hard to make sure that they have the kind of culture and policy in place that this won't happen on your campus. jon: even some of the most rabid fans of college football have said that the football program should be or should have been canceled as a result of the penn state case. what is your position on that? >> right now these are obviously still allegations. we have to keep reminding ourselves of that. there has been no formal criminal investigation. there's -- i mean there's been an investigation, but there's been no trial, there's been no normal legal actions another' other than the initial arrest. we'll have to let the facts sort themselves out. if penn state determines they want to continue to play ball that will be a campus-based decision. we won't step into the middle of that.
12:21 pm
that will be their choice. we have to remember that we still have allegations that have to be proven here. jon: can you say that the cancellation of this season, or maybe next season, or something like that is a possibility, based on your inquiry? >> well, we have a whole range of penalties that we can put in place, and it would really be inappropriate for me to speculate today on what those might be. but they could cover the full gamut. jon: mark emmert is the president of the ncaa which is now taking a look at penn state case, having written a letter to the college to that effect. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. jenna: from one college controversy, jon to another. new fallout at a california university, video surfacing of uc davis police dousing protestors with pepper spray. the very latest on this case next. why one road to florida could be
12:22 pm
the key to a political victory in that state. >> reporter: the people who live along i4 could decide not just florida but perhaps the entire presidential election. that story ahead. [ male announcer ] tom's discovering that living healthy can be fun. see? he's taking his vitamins. new one a day vitacraves plus omega-3 dha is a complete multivitamin for adults. plus an excellent source of omega-3 dha in a great tasting gummy. one a day, gummies for grown-ups.
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12:25 pm
jenna: welcome back, everyone, right now the university of california is taking new steps to calm tensions after campus police used pepper spray against reportedly peaceful protestors. patti ann browne is at the breaking news desk with morse of this. >> reporter: it was all caught on videotape. now the uc davis campus police chief has been placed on administrative leave. and two campus officers who pepper sprayed protestors were also placed on leave. in addition the school's chancellor has asked the yolo county district attorney's
12:26 pm
office to investigate the use of force by am pus police. during friday's protest, which was caught on video, seated students were gathered in support of occupy wall street. campus police in riot gear are seeing spraying more than a dozen of them in the face at close range. two protestors were taken to the hospital. ten were arrested and released after being charged with unlawful assembly and failure to disperse. the university says it took the action against the campus police chief to restore trust and calm tensions, but there are growing calls from students and teachers for the chancellor herself to resign. the faculty association accuses her of gross failure of leadership. she told abc this morning that she has no intention of resigning. she says efforts to dismantle the forbidden encampment has gone on for many, many days and she says she is forming a task force to investigate the incident. jenna: they did say they felt
12:27 pm
threatened that they were being blocked in my protestors, that's why they decided to use the force. we'll continue to monitor the investigation and the protest around the country. patti ann, thank you. >> reporter: thank you. jon: one highway in florida is shaping up to be the most contested political road in america. we're talking about i4. it stretches from tampa to daytona beach. it is one of the biggest political battle grounds. the prize is a treasure of swing voters who could be the key to winning the sunshine state, want that the election. steve harrigan live from i4 in orlando, florida. steve. >> reporter: 43% of all florida voters live along the i4 corridor. now northern florida has traditionally leaned republican, southern florida democratic. it's right here in the middle
12:28 pm
that is the real battleground. it may be the most important road in american politics. the i4 highway across central florida from tampa to daytona beach, 132 miles of old, young, rural, urban, but above all independent voters who swing. history shows they swing with the winner. >> it's the swing area of the swing state. florida is the largest swing state in presidential elections, and the i4 corridor helps determine which way florida votes. >> reporter: president obama got strong working class white voters in 2008. gun smith steve allen says the bloom is off the rose. >> what appealed to me about him is during his campaign he seemed really in touch with people, and i fault myself for falling into that, because he's so far away from his voters now it's ridiculous. >> reporter: 30 workers here took a risk three years ago to build diamondback firearms.
12:29 pm
so far they are making a go of it, turning out 600 pistols a week, but scratch the surface and there is resentment over government bail outs, a sense that for small businesses like theirs the playing field is not level. >> the people that have been bailed out haven't learned from their mistakes. >> reporter: steve allen even sounds pretty disallusioned right now but as an independent voter in a swing state, exactly voters like steve allen will be gone after my nominees. jenna: sanctions are set to be increased on iran. lit be enough to halt teheran's nuclear provisions. we are going to show you the extraordinary lengths some businesses go to to keep you
12:30 pm
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12:34 pm
democrats and six republicans. we have senator kyle a republican, kerry, a democrat. van holland, portman, a former office and management and budget director. he really knows the number. and we have word that senator baucas just arrived. when asked by one of our capitol hill producers if there is a chance to get a deal he responded with a smile apparently and said, there is always hope. so, we'll see. they have to get a deal to the cbo by midnight tonight so the cbo can score it, and then it could potentially be voted on and move forward. i've been told by sources on the hill that it does appear that they are working on a deal, but i say that with a great deal of caution as well. they could also be discussing how to announce that they are taking a knee, if i can use this football metaphor and expand it a little bit. that would essentially say, listen, we couldn't get the job
12:35 pm
done. at least we know they are meeting, we will monitor the meeting. a lot could happen in the next several hours. we'll keep you posted. jon. jon: president obama could be losing some pivotal support from a very key sector, we're talking about wall street. financial executives who were key backers of his back in 2008 this time around seem to be returning the other direction. charlie graperino. jane: us. last time around he pretty much had wall street in his pocket. >> this is the ceo's of the major firms, like jaime diamond. john mac that is the chairman of morgan stanley. all these players were big time obama supporters in 2008, and every one of those are moving away from him. 4 if mitt romney is the republican nominee they are likely to support romney. why is that, he does come from wall street. he's a former equity manager. they are sick and tired of the
12:36 pm
class warfare receipt rib. wall street lights to hedge its bets a lot. what put them over the edge was the president's support of occupy wall street. look at the top five, we put this up on fox the fox top contributors to obama, not a single wall street player. you look at the top five to rom no and romney has raised less money than obama so far. it's three or four, maybe all five come from wall street and private equity. jon: one of the names you men'sed, jaime diamond is the head of jpmorgan chase. >> right, right. jon: he sits on the new york federal reserve. >> you have members of the banking community. hrofrts team think it's a conflict of interest. they say we need market intelligence. it prevents diamond from going out there and holding fundraisers for himself. he does stuff behind the scenes as he did for 2008 for obama he
12:37 pm
was signaling to his troops, this is the guy we'd like to see elected. he did a lot of work with the administration, spoke with them a lot. after that he didn't like dodd-frank an clearly doesn't like the class warfare rhetoric. he is moving away e. was seen at a romney fund-raiser, huddled with romney. you can't get any closer than that stphaoeut sounds like mitt romney has some sort of special appeal to this group, but if he ends up not being the republican nominee will whoever that nominee is enjoy the same kind of support? >> that's a great question. i think if the nominee is a tea party-inspired candidate i would say no. the tea partyers are very populous, they are antibank, that is what is perceived on wall street. i think you'll see a hepbling of the bets. newt gingrich may be someone of the conservatives less tea party than herman cain, maybe he has some appeal. the man they wanted there is romney. by the way that cuts both ways.
12:38 pm
the general public isn't so crazy about wall street right now. it is a place where they raise money and they still have a lot of it. jon: they can write big checks. >> they can. jon: thank you. jenna: a lot more on money on politics in a moment. this monday lots of you might be thinking of turk key. some o thinking of turkey. lots of us are thinking of shopping. fox business network jeff flock has the inside scoop live at ups lab in attison, illinois. >> reporter: when i heard about this place i said we've got to come here, because they break things all day. matt roeke is a packaging engineer. go ahead and show me the test. that is a tv over there in that box. what are you doing right here. >> right here we are going to drop this package that i packaged up. they are glass candles. >> reporter: they see if the packaging will hold up. go ahead and drop that one. let me just -- oh, that did not
12:39 pm
sound good. okay. >> it sounded like it broke. >> reporter: you had peanuts in that one, which on what does that have? the idea is if you pack it right perhaps dash tkaeurb didn't hear anything. let's bring them over, take a look. i don't want to break any glasses either. what is in there, natalee? oh, jenna, sorry, it would have been a lovely gift, however, that one is no good. that's what happens when you don't pack it properly. this was packed with just peanuts. this one has bubble wrap and -- look at that. what do you say. jenna: that's better, that's better, jeff. >> reporter: much better. what about this? it's a tv over here. what about this. jenna: don't do it. >> for packages that are too heavy or large to maneuver on the small testers we drop them here. >> reporter: okay. i don't necessarily want to look inside that.
12:40 pm
you packed that one pretty well. what they do, jenna is they'll actually design packages specifically for some -- natalie, throw me the popcorn palace one. and people will send their package. you can say test this for us and see if it's going to hold up. that's what these guys at popcorn palace did, so a fascinating day of all sorts of stuff. a lovely vibrating table over here too which could come in handy if you're trying to simulate the back of a ups truck. jenna: very cool, jeff. i can speak from personal experience, i just tried to send some wine glasses to my new in-laws, and one made it, but i could have used a little more help on that. >> reporter: well, buy cheaper wine glasses and maybe it won't be a problem. there are some glasses there. jenna: i'm newly married i can't do that. i have to wait a couple more years. thank you very much. a fascinating look. that one made it just okay. at least someone is testing this for us. thank you very much to jeff.
12:41 pm
jon. jon: jenna, as concern grows about iran's nuclear ambitions a new report just in that the u.s. britain and canada all plan to hit iran with new sanctions today i we expect to hear from secretary of state hillary clinton and the treasury secretary timothy geithner this afternoon. this follows that alarming iaea report that teheran is on the brink of producing a nuclear weapon . joining us by phone, rick granell former spokesman for the last four u.n. ambassadors to the united nations. the talk of sanctions from those four nations, will it do the trick, will it prevent iran from getting that bomb? >> you know, jon i think it's probably too late to be talking about sanctions, certainly it's too late to be talking about these unilateral sanctions. what the obama administration is proposing is to have u.s. and some european countries implement their own sanctions, because they have been unable to
12:42 pm
get international sanctions at the u.n. you know that they passed only one security council resolution, the obama administration has, and they've done nothing for 18 months, so the pressure has been relieved from the iranians, and for the last 18 months they've been able to do what they want. so i fear that sanctions talk now is too little to late. jon: but the iaea is a u.n. sanctioned organization. why does a report from that body not bring about the kinds of consequences alternate the u.n. that we in america would like to see? >> you know, it's a great question. in 2006 when the iaea originally sent the iran case to the security council the bush administration responded with five consecutive resolutions, and the obama team has not been able to convince russia and china to actually implement sanctions. i think it's a combination that
12:43 pm
the obama administration has reset the russia policy, so they want to play nice, they don't want to ask any country, including russia or china to implement policies that they are not comfortable with. and i think that's a dangerous precedent. what you're really doing is giving russia and china a veto over u.s. policy. i think that the obama team should try a little bit harder, call a vote and force some vetoes, and really push the russians and the chinese to either implement sanctions or not. i have to go back to your original question which is, are sanctions working? i think the answer is no. it's probably too late. if we go down a path of just trying to implement more sanctions now i think we're on a dangerous road where iran will have a lot more time to get a nuclear weapon program together. jon: richard grinell has been a spokes machine for four secretaries of state. thanks for being with us and your expertise. we'll be right back.
12:44 pm
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12:47 pm
megyn: hey, everyone, i'm megyn kelly. newt gingrich getting attacked by some for his comments telling the occupy protestors to take a bath and get a job. we'll debate it. update on the phone records in the baby lisa case. we are learning whether a restricted cellphone could nonetheless dial out. uc davis cops getting hammered for pepper spraying a bunch of college protestors, but are some condemning the cops too quickly? wait until you hear "kelly's court"'s take on it. jon: a strange situation at milwaukee airport. a small commuter jet that you see there reportedly came in, made a landing okay and suddenly according to one of the passengers on board started
12:48 pm
shaking, all kinds of stuff started falling off the inside walls. they are not exactly sure what happened, but the pilot decided he continue make it all the way to the gate, and so he parked the plane right there, and they brought in the emergency equipment. they are saying that it may have been some kind of a problem with a strut, or maybe one of the brakes locked up and they couldn't go any farther with the brake locked. that is what is going on in milwaukee, mitchell international airport. doesn't sound like anybody is hurt. we don't know that for a fact yet. when we get more information we'll bring it to you live. jenna: scary nonetheless when you hear something like that. wall street is taking a major hit today i we'll take a life look at the big board where the dow is trading right now. it's a little bit off its lows, well still much lower today i all this on talks of a deficit reduction committee, the super committee is not being able to achieve anything in washington. also there is pressure building in europe. stocks falling there as well on fears of a growing debt crisis.
12:49 pm
you're taking a look at video out of spain. greg burke is live in madrid with more. greg. >> reporter: hi, there, jenna, that's right. a change of the guard here in spain after nearly eight years with a socialist in power the popular party has taken over, the man in the driver's seat, slated to be the next prime minister will probably be sworn in some time near the end of december. a 56-year-old long-time politician. people complain he's not charismatic, his defenders say he may be serious enough to get spain out of the monumental mess that he's in. celebrations went on very long last night. many spaniards could not wait to get as many socialists out of office as they could. the popular party scored an overwhelming victory, something they were waiting for for a longtime. the major issue in these elections the economy. spain suffering from really slow growth or no growth, and essentially no jobs. they have about a 20%
12:50 pm
unemployment rate. finally, jenna, that unemployment rate already sounds terrible, 20%, under the age of 30 it's one out of three people without a job. that means problems for the euro zone's fourth largest economy. jenna. jenna: one out of three. a little less charisma, maybe in a leader and maybe more jobs might be what spain ordered. we'll see if the new person can bring those in. thank you for that. we'll continue to watch european our markets. jon, other breaking news today. jon: that's right, just into the fox newsroom, rex ryan the coach of the new york jets, not known for being a guy keeping his thoughts to himself, he is being fined $75,000 for throwing an f.-bomb at a tp-pb on sunday inside hifan on sunday, inside his own stadium, a new england fan apparently said something the coach did not like, he responded with an impolite 4-letter word. roger goodell doesn't like that
12:51 pm
kind of behavior and he is hitting the coach where it hurts in the pocketbook, a $75,000 fine for coach rex ryan for using the f.-word. we'll be right back with more "happening now" in just a moment. i'd like one of those desserts and some coffee. sure. cake or pie? pie. apple or cherry? cherry. oil or cream? oil or cream? cream. reddi-wip us real dairy crm. nothing's more real than reddi-wip. helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with the strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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out in syria and egypt today i security forces clashing with protestors in cry row's tahrir square. thousands of activists demanding that military rulers hand over power to a civilian government. we have the director on arobject politics and an adviser to donald rumsfeld. what kind of advice would you give our players in d.c. on how to or how not to get involved in egypt today? >> we have very little influence
12:55 pm
incredibly with the military that is running egypt right now. certainly we have none with the islamists that are fighting it out and with the secular. jenna: going into the weekend there were reports that islamists were busting into tahrir square to confront christians that are there. the dynamic of the protest has also shifted since then. what exactly is going on in egypt right now? >> there may have been some complications with christians, they are really focused on protesting against the military which is trying to insinuate itself over and above the constitution after independence, or after the elections. they are protesting against this. over the weekend you had the crowd sort of change, the islamists went home and the secularists or the nonislamists came out protesting, demanding that the military get out of politics and they had the clashes. jenna: it's better for the united states if a secular government goes in in egypt.
12:56 pm
>> we want very much liberal democrats to win, they are disorganized, not well funded. it looks like the islamists will take 30 percent to a clear majority in the elections. jenna: how does that change the dynamic in the middle east? >> with 83 million people egypt is the most important state in the middle east to us. they are peace partner with israel, and they are an ally for us. we need access to the canal, we have over flights. but the peace process, the peace of israel really is the stability of the region i'd question, so it's key. jenna: interesting to hear that we have limited policy options. it's a story we'll continue to follow, that's why we want to keep it in our line of sight. nice to see you on set here. thank you very much for coming in as always. >> my pleasure. jenna: we'll be right back with more "happening now" in a moment. [ child ] it's so cool!
12:57 pm
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jon: jenna this newsroom is a busy place, but it's a little lonely down here without you. jenna: i don't know if i believe that. i thi


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